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The battery of a smart mobile phone will “reduce life” if charged unproperly

When we meet a mobile phone which has long been wanted, we will fondle admiringly. But usually when we care for our favorite too much, the result would be the opposite. To a mobile phone, the importance of the battery is especially distinct. If we don’t charge the battery properly, our using efficiency will be influenced greatly.

After survey, the writer find that some friends intend to buy a new smart mobile phone on “Double Eleven”. When asked about reasons, they rely that the standby time of their mobile phone is too short so that sometimes they need to charge the mobile phone within half of a day. Sometimes they need a standby battery, even sometimes they put a portable power source in their bags in case of need. For this condition, the writer will introduce to net friends and that how to use power saving app to “care for” your favorite mobile phone by 360 battery doctor.

After experiencing, the writer find that the battery should be charged properly when we use it in the everyday life. At the same time, we need to form a good charging habit. When using the 360 battery doctor, the writer find that it is monitoring the state of the battery when charging without stop. Besides, as for the charging protection function, there are three different charging module which is choosed according to the state of the battery properly.

When I use USB cable to connect the smartphone with the power, the phone will run a dynamic screensaver immediately. The battery charging screensaver will display the battery charging condition clearly as soon as users wake up the screen. When the user slides the battery charging screensaver, the 360 battery doctor's battery charging protection interface will appear.

In addition, the functions of 360 battery doctor’s charging protection can be divided into quick charging, additional charging and purling charging. I found that there would be some relevant tips about charging and users could know the condition of charging by them in different charging modes What’s more, users can make the battery doctor remind themselves of the finishing of charging in the intelligent charging settings according to their own requirements. The battery doctor won’t tell the user the charging has finished from 11:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. because most users are used to charging their smart phone before they go to sleep. Experts of smart phone advised users not to charge their phones for 12 hours continuously for batteries don’t have memorability nowadays. They also suggested that users would better keep charging while using, not charge phones when the power had run out. In addition, battery charging should not exceed the limitation. Otherwise, the performance of batteries will become bad, and it may do great harm to the batteries and batteries even will explode if the operations are not correct.

If the users could get used to use 360 battery doctor and charge their phones correctly, the will say goodbye to the short standby time. The lifetime of batteries will be longer if users do what I have said.