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Good news! My company won the title of "national high and new technology enterprise

Recently, yu can lead to energy development co., LTD., through science and technology department of sichuan province, sichuan provincial departments, the state administration of taxation and local taxation bureau of sichuan province, sichuan province four departments such as joint review acceptance, was identified as state-level high-tech enterprises.At the beginning of the company, I will focus on energy storage products in the market, formulated the "base on battery technology, developing a new generation of thermal energy storage technology" goal.The company independent research and development, the traditional battery system was improved, complete the technical breakthrough of battery system reliability, ease of use. Has been successful to battery energy storage technology used in engineering machinery power, motor caravan energy storage, and other fields, and made the related technology patents.


Brings together the company has many years of experience in energy system energy technology, tsinghua university, xi 'an jiaotong university, zhongshan university, xihua university and other institutions of technical and management personnel. Company has with both in many famous universities based on the technology support of scientific research institutions in all for the sake of customers, strives for perfection the spirit of enterprise, constantly beyond, forge ahead, in a short time in southwest has become the most professional one of battery application distributed energy solutions provider.


?I will be the company was awarded the national "high-tech enterprise certificate" as an opportunity, increasing spending on research and development to speed up the pace of scientific and technological innovation, and strive to achieve the sustainable development of the enterprise, continue to make contributions to the development of China's electric power industry shall have the power!