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Lithium battery industry boom

Recently, there are nearly 20 listed companies to "mergers and acquisitions, self built, capital increase" and other ways "bet" lithium battery industry chain, including many new faces. With the lithium battery giant Ningde times, Zhuhai silver long gradually landing A share market, the capital market, lithium battery merger is expected to explosive growth.

Since the two quarter, institutional research lithium battery industry chain company enthusiasm. Last week, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city survey records disclosure about 80 companies, including new energy lithium plate continues to be sought after, institutions have visited EASPRING, win technology, sunwoda company. About that with the approaching of the cattle business on Thursday 2017 first lithium titanate battery industry chain seminar, lithium new energy sector is expected to continue.

Lithium battery manufacturers have signed major orders with major auto makers. According to financial statistics about cattle: China Xuan tech at the end of May and Beiqi new energy signed a 1 billion 875 million yuan of 2017 year contract, will be delivered in batches of 50 thousand sets of three yuan from May 2017 to December in power battery. Waterma in mid May signed a total amount of 6 billion 711 million yuan of four major contracts, in 2017 the cumulative orders of over ten billion yuan contract. Big contracts help clear the market of two major concerns: battery prices continue to slump in the second half and reduce shipments.

2017-2018 years, lithium battery industry chain to maintain rapid growth, the overall industry to maintain a high level of prosperity, demand compound growth of over 25%, three yuan battery, cathode materials and wet diaphragm industry demand continues to accelerate. According to the statistics of Engineering lithium lithium battery, 2017 shipments of approximately 1.23Gwh, it is expected that the new energy vehicles and special vehicles will increase three yuan growth in demand for lithium battery.

Pessimism about earnings and valuations is expected to be restored. Recently, the plate share price adjustment is larger, mainly due to the new energy bus data is not started, drag lithium battery demand, the market expects the second half of the battery continues to depreciate, the market valuation of the central move down and other factors. Market expectations for the negative factors have been overly pessimistic, short-term view, 2017 2Q began to improve the chain of new energy vehicle sales, long-term view of leading companies will be re market awareness.