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Uni-Link —— the upgrade experience of a MAXUS limos

On May 10, 2017, We have modified a MAXUS limos, the owner hopes that it will be able to meet the needs of living power and use electricity safely after it is modified

We have installed a customized 12V250Ah Uni-Link Lithium iron phosphate battery for limos in the car storage bin

We install 12V isolator and fuse box in the engine compartment

This is the full view of the engine room after the installation

Life car electricity is never confused, while the safety factor is high

The charging inverter is installed under the co-pilot seat, saving time energy and space.

We finally installed and adjusted the coulomb meter, and made the observation and control of the battery data

We never have to worry about electric appliances such as induction cooker and electric water heater.

Enjoy the new journey with your heart, and begin with the Uni-Link