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Company Constructure

Core team

Peng Tao
Software research and development technology skeleton staff
He graduated from the automation department of Tsinghua University as a PhD In July 2009, he obtained a doctorate in control science and engineering from Tsinghua University. 2009.7-2010.10 he worked in Beijing Baidu online network Co., Ltd as a senior engineer. In November 2010, he returned to Chengdu and founded Uni-Link energy development Co., Ltd. He is good at analyzing and dealing with complex data. During his study in Tsinghua university, he was engaged in the analysis of human genome biological data and other related research, and accumulated rich and abundant experience of data analysis and processing. At present, he fully presides over the core operation data analysis and processing of the company's energy system
Research and development of metal materials mentor:Mao Linbin
He graduated from Sun Yat-sen University metal physics major He works in China nuclear power institute as a senior engineer. He has engaged in the study of the neutron irradiation performance of the material for a long time and attended and completed XXx pile supervision tube sample, Irradiation embrittlement of 645-3 steel and research on the performance of a508-3 steel successively. Because of these he got the second and third prize of ministerial achievements successively. He won the third prize of scientific and technological progress of ministry level and published a paper in China nuclear technology report which was used to participate in International communication because of his management of completing National 863 Program (The neutron irradiation effect of the domestic fuel cladding material of fast reactor 3I6 stainless steel) study. Now he serves as the company's technical manufacturing guide.
Business technology Skeleton staff:Chen Naibang
He graduated from California State University He founded Viper brand in 1994. After more than a decade, he led Viper brand to lead the Chinese commercial cleaning equipment market In 2007, Viper Group Co., Ltd was acquired by the Danish Nilfisk, and he became the general manager of Nilfisk’s China region. In 2009, he left Nilfisk and became one of the few industry observers. In 2011, he founded Guobang Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd which is aimd at becoming a leading international brand in the industry In 2014, he and Uni-Link Energy Development Co. Ltd established a joint venture Sichuan Green Standard Energy Technology Co. Ltd and they take lithium battery power system into clean industry while they launched general battery module power system plan.
Mechanical and electronic research and development technology Skeleton staff:Li Jing
He graduated from Xi`an University Of Science And Technology His main research is electromechanical integration, industrial robot technology, new textile machinery and so on He presided over the project of the Shaanxi provincial education department that is The Development of Secondary Transmission System, and presided over five items, such as a horizontal topic the development of the jet-loom nozzle test system. He also obtained a national invention patent.He has participated in or presided over the research and development of various of jet looms, and has the ability to develop the underlying software and hardware.
Lithium-ion battery research and development technology Skeleton staff:Maoke
He graduated from Xihua University with an electronic information major He has successively served as the technical leader and CEO of several companies, and founded Sino-American joint venture Sichuan Green Standard Energy Technology Co. Ltd. He launched the world's first Internet of things cleaning equipment, which takes lithium batteries for energy, and pioneered the industry. He was instructed by Wang Dongming and Wei Hong, then the party secretary of Sichuan province and the governor, has more than ten years of experience, and has the ability of rich technology to translate and produce. He has cutting-edge technology for the development and utilization of lithium batteries in new energy applications
Battery research and development technology Skeleton staff:Huang Lijun
He graduated with a master's degree in electrochemistry from Zhejiang University of technology. During graduate school, he participated in the 973 project of Ministry of Science and Technology " research on nano-alloy cathode materials for a new generation of high-performance li-ion batteries ", The preparation and properties of lithium - ion battery electrode in tin - based nanometer" and so on Since his graduation, he has been engaged in the research and development of lithium battery production company in Zhejiang, Anhui and other coastal areas successively. During this period, he participated in the research of Dr Fan's lithium iron phosphate nano-sphere technology funded by the National plan for thousands of people, and the application research of the technology in lithium batteries in new energy vehicles. He worked with the Procter & Gamble and Hong Kong GP group to develop and supply lithium-ion batteries for them. During this period, he also participated in the cooperation plan of Anhui Ankai Automobile Co Ltd on the new energy bus, and designed and manufactured a new energy battery pack. Due to his outstanding work performance, he was awarded the honorary title of "A Role Model for Master and Doctor at Work in 2009 "
Mechanical and electronic research and development technology Skeleton staff:He Kaixiang
He graduated from Guizhou Institute of Technology majoring in mechanical and electrical integration. He has been in the industry for almost 20 years, worked in state-owned enterprises, listed companies, and coastal lithium battery manufacturing company successively, and is proficient in the production process of lithium-ion batteries (cylindrical, rectangular, soft bag, laminated technology and battery PACK process), process control and quality requirements He has been involved in the planning of several lithium battery companies and those construction and management and is good at the progress control and negotiation and team management of the new project He has experience in the development of large-scale projects at home and abroad, participated in the cooperation project with Ankai electric bus, and led the design and production of the car battery module. He also participated in the project development of international clients (P&G, GP, AsahiKASEI)