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Chengdu Yu Tong Tong Energy Co., Ltd.
Add:Chengdu City Hongguang town PI du Port North Road No. 276
Hotline:+86-028-6212 7628
  • Electric appliance:
  • Industry owned: Consumer electronics Medical instrument Industrial instrument Commercial equipment Security equipment power equipment
  • Sales Market: Domestic Abroad
  • application environment:
    ambient temperature Ambient humidity
  • Type of shipping: air transport Ocean Shipping Land transportation
  • Electrical grade: High-end product Mid end products Low-end products
  • Electrical characteristics
    Operating voltage range:V Normal operating current:A Max starting current:A Start time:ms Max continuous current:A Power frequency and time:
  • Battery inputs information
  • Voltage requirements for finished batteries:
  • Capacity requirements for finished batteries:
  • Packaged battery: PVC Plastic case Aluminium alloy
  • Maximum size:
  • Plug type and direction:
  • Type and direction of wire:
  • Certification: GB18287-2000 CE UL ROSH UN38.3 Unit certification Other
  • Other Information
  • Expected sample delivery time: 15 days 20 days 30 days Other
  • Sample quantity requirement:
  • The above information to fill in the more detailed the better, our technical staff will contact you for the first time, to further communicate confirmation!
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